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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is my transaction confidential?
A:  Yes. In fact, we will only release information about the terms of the transaction to the person who pawned the merchandise.

Q:  Can I get my merchandise back after I pawn it?
A:  Yes. The loan contract is good for 4 months and 10 days. Your merchandise may be picked up at any time during the loan contract.

Q:  What if I am out of town when the loan expires?
A:  You can renew by mail by sending a money order.

Q:  What if I move out of town?
A:  You may have your merchandise shipped to you for a small fee.

Q:  How much do I have to pay to reclaim my merchandise?
A:  The amount to pay back will depend on the dollar amount you borrowed and the length of time you keep the loan. All rates and fees are regulated by federal and state agencies. We will disclose what your cost will be before you get the loan.

Q:  Do I need an ID?
A:  YES! Don't forget to bring your valid driver's license or ID card, military ID or U.S. passport.

Q:  Will my merchandise be safe?
A:  Absolutely!

How it Works:

Pawning an item such as a ring or TV is borrowing money. When you pawn a ring or TV, you are leaving that item as collateral for the money you borrow. We will give you cash on the spot. You have four months and 10 days to repay the loan plus interest in order to reclaim your item. If you are unable to repay your balance, you may simply make a payment on the interest and extend your loan for an additional 4 months. You may extend the loan as often as you like.

If you do not repay the loan within the time period, the item you left as collateral will be sold to satisfy the loan amount and any charges that have accumulated.

Our Pawning Procedures
State law requires that we use one of four forms of identification: a valid driver's license, state issued ID card, military ID or US passport. Without one of those IDs, we are prohibited from making a loan or buying anything.

Things We Will Loan On
While jewelry is what our customers pawn most often, we also make loans on newer stereo equipment, tools, laptop computers, entertainment equipment, cameras, games and gaming equipment, motorcycles, ATVs and other items of value.

Things We Will Not Loan On
Some of the things we will not loan on are cell phones, automotive stereos and clothing.

Other Services

Jewelry Repair
Watch Batteries
New & Used Merchandise for Sale

Your visit will be easy, fast, convenient and, most importantly, confidential.